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An arrest for DUI can be an overwhelming and confusing time as one is confronted with the criminal and civil process simultaneously.

If you have been arrested for DUI, you may want to consider your legal options and understand the criminal and civil process prior to going to court. A DUI conviction may lead to a suspension of your driver’s license, criminal penalties, and an increase in your car insurance.

When defending a DUI case, I treat each case differently, as no two cases are alike. Each case contains separate facts and circumstances which may be imperative in the defense of your case. DUI cases are fact specific and paying attention to the details is vital.

Some of the important issues a DUI attorney must review in a DUI case are the following:

  1. The basis for the traffic stop – Why did the police stop you in the first place?
  2. Field Sobriety Exercises – What exercises were performed?
  3. Breath, Urine, or Blood Results – What was the outcome of the field sobriety tests?
  4. Any other pertinent information revealed through the investigative process.
  5. Any previous DUI convictions?
  6. DUI arrest involving a crash or serious bodily injury?

I strive to devote my time and attention to each case and work with each client individually on a
one-on-one basis.

When you contact my office, you will speak with directly with me to discuss your case, concerns, or questions.

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Right to Counsel
Right to Remain Silent
Right of Presumed Innocence
Right to a Speedy Trial
Right to a Jury Trial (most cases)
Right to Testify on one's own behalf
Right to cross examine and confront witnesses

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