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Marijuana possession and trafficking are serious criminal offenses in Florida that are punished with steep penalties upon a conviction. If you have been arrested or are being investigated for marijuana possession or trafficking, you’re probably overwhelmed. It’s important to contact a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to advocate for your rights.

Having a skilled marijuana possession and trafficking defense attorney on your side can increase your chances of having the charges against you reduced or dismissed. As a criminal defense attorney with a law office in Dunedin, Florida, I aggressively fight for the rights of people accused of marijuana-related crimes. At Venessa Bornost, P.A., I am dedicated to pursuing optimal results for my clients in Dunedin and throughout the state of Florida, including Pasco and Hillsborough counties.

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Marijuana Trafficking Charges

Florida considers marijuana to be a Schedule I drug. Under Florida law, it is a crime to possess any amount of this controlled substance unless an individual has a valid prescription. Possession of fewer than 20 grams of cannabis is charged as a misdemeanor. If a person is caught with more than grams of cannabis in their possession, the charges may be elevated to a felony. Marijuana possession cases involving larger amounts of cannabis lead to more severe charges.

Possession of more than 25 lbs of marijuana or 300 or more cannabis plants constitutes a drug trafficking crime regardless of the defendant’s intent to actually distribute or sell the controlled substance. Florida law assigns marijuana trafficking charges a Level 8 or Level 9 ranking depending on the amount of cannabis.

Given the serious nature of marijuana possession and trafficking charges, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel from a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Possible Penalties If Convicted

In Florida, penalties for marijuana possession and trafficking vary depending on the circumstances of the offense—as well as the amount of cannabis involved. Typically, possible penalties for possession of marijuana in Florida include probation, jail time, fines, and suspension of a driver’s license. As a rule of thumb, the more marijuana a person has in their possession, the more severe the penalties.

Penalties for marijuana trafficking are more severe. A marijuana trafficking conviction carries a mandatory minimum prison sentence and hefty fines, not to mention the burden of living with a permanent criminal record. In addition, a person’s reputation will be tarnished after a conviction. The stigma may follow that person for the rest of their life.  

Steps to Take If Facing Charges

Understandably, facing marijuana possession or trafficking charges can be a terrifying and stressful situation. While you may be terrified and worried about your future and freedom, it is vital to take certain steps to seek a better outcome in your criminal case:

  1. Learn about your rights. Many people who face criminal charges do not understand their constitutional rights. That is why the first thing you should do is learn about your rights if you were arrested or are being investigated for a marijuana-related crime.

  2. Gather evidence and build your case. Building a strong case is an essential step to take when fighting for the reduction or dismissal of the charges in your marijuana possession or trafficking case. However, you may have to follow specific procedures when gathering evidence for your legal case. That is why you’ll need to consult with an attorney first to understand your best course of action.

  3. Hire a criminal defense attorney. Having a knowledgeable defense attorney on your side can make a big difference in how your case will play out. Fighting marijuana-related charges requires a deep understanding of the criminal justice system and access to extensive resources that will help you properly defend your case.

If you are facing marijuana possession or trafficking charges in Dunedin or other parts of Florida, contact a skilled defense attorney. You deserve to have your rights upheld. 

Defenses to Marijuana Possession & Trafficking Charges in Florida

If your case goes to trial, you may be able to use one of the following defense strategies to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed:

  • Your constitutional rights were violated (e.g., law enforcement conducted an illegal search or seizure);

  • You became a victim of entrapment, which means law enforcement influenced or coerced you into committing the crime; or

  • There is insufficient evidence to convict you (in other words, you cannot be convicted if there is not enough evidence to find you guilty).

Depending on the facts of your case, other defense strategies may be available. As a criminal defense attorney who represents Floridians charged with drug-related crimes, I will work tirelessly to help you prove your side of the story and advise you of your legal options.

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As a former prosecutor, I have developed exceptional trial skills and an in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system. These skills have helped me become a marijuana possession and trafficking attorney who provides a superior level of legal representation to clients. At Venessa Bornost, P.A., I am dedicated to helping clients fight for the best possible outcome in their cases. Contact my office in Dunedin, Florida, to discuss your situation.